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Notify over 200 tech blogs at once

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When you have something awesome to announce, you want awesome people to know about it. That's why Pitchpigeon delivers your pitch to the world's best-known tech blogs and tech journalists — and gives you the tools to monitor your progess.

Get Started Fast


Pitchpigeon talks directly to the iTunes App Store, Windows Phone store and Google Play to pull data and pre-fill your launch email, ready for you to tweak and send.

Instant Delivery


Pitchpigeon delivers your launch email instantly across the publisher network. Other services make you wait up to 3 days, Pitchpigeon delivers right away.

Real-Time Reports


You'll know exactly which publishers in our network have viewed your message and get a simple weekly breakdown of views.


“Easiest way for an indie developer to tell the whole world about their latest app”

Paul Baron, Creator — PetitRocket Mission to Mars


“A revolutionary movement towards breaking traditional marketing boundaries”

Elizabeth Tan, Editor — e27 Web Innovation


“A great way to structure and deliver announcements to the world's tech press”

Andy Croll, CTO — Impulseflyer