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10 Out Of The Box App Promotion Techniques

Posted by Alec Swanson — 05 Aug 2015

When apps were first introduced, it was a lot easier to get them noticed or featured and eventually used by the people they were designed for. That is no longer the case. Now, it is more competitive and even harder to get your app noticed by the people you want to notice it. So we invent a solution, which works for a while—at least until everyone follows that approach. Therefore, we always have to keep coming up with new and inventive ways to get our apps noticed. It almost seems like an endless spiral.

While many of the conventional approaches change over time, many of the basics remain the same. Especially with app pr. In many instances, it can still be as easy as you want it to be. It can be done quicker and with less effort. And in many cases, it can be done for free. Of course, that all depends on whether you view your time as an expense. You should, although that's really a discussion for another article on another day.

I have personally known several entrepreneurs who have not only been successful at marketing their app on their own, but have made a small fortune off of doing so. And almost every single one of these entrepreneurs who became a success used methods that were either very inexpensive or entirely free.

Of course, these aren't overnight success stories, and it took some effort to get them there. However, it can be done. With a little time, patience and work they were able to push their apps in front of the people they originally designed them for.

We’ll discuss some of the app promotion methods they used and add in some others that you should be using, if you aren’t already. Using these methods isn't just for those with limited advertising budgets or for new startups either. No, I actually believe that everyone could benefit from using these techniques. That's because the cost of customer acquisition is often higher than what the app sells for in the first place. Therefore, it benefits everyone to use as many ways of inexpensive app PR as possible. Which is why I think everyone can benefit from the 10 following ways for app marketing that are not only inexpensive but also are outside the box.

  1. Contact Blogs and App Review Websites

To successfully launch your app, you need to get it in front of the editors of as many tech blogs as possible. Contacting bloggers and app review websites who are in the particular niche that your app falls into can really help things out. You can either contact these blogs individually—or use a service to do it for you.

  1. Build a Microsite

Another effective way for promoting an app is to create a microsite. What is a microsite, you ask? Quite simply, it is a Website that is built for one purpose and one purpose only: to market a particular product—which in this case is your app. Since these sites have one focus, there isn't any clutter to distract potential clients from your product.

Just be sure that when you are designing a microsite to stay focused on your app, use quality information and a creative design that engages your visitors. If you can do that, then you can really raise the profile of your app in no time flat.

  1. Create a Demo Video

Another inexpensive way of app PR is to create a video about your app and put it on your microsite as well as on YouTube to be used for further promotion. Be sure to create a video that is not only informative but also creative. If it's creative, fun and/or funny, then it's more likely to go viral—which will really increase your app's profile.

  1. Apply For Awards

There are several large awards—as well as many small ones—given for apps that are creative or fill a much needed niche. Apply for these awards and you might not only win but you will also get some free publicity.

  1. Use Social Media

Using social media is another great way to focus the spotlight on your app. A detailed explanation of how to use social media for app marketing is too extensive for this article, but I can give you the minor points. You can post all kinds of visual content—as it pertains to your app—on Pinterest, you can create a Facebook group, you can contact the administrators of other Facebook pages and ask for likes, use Twitter to inform people of your app and much, much more.

  1. Integrate Social Media Into The App

Speaking of social media, one thing that you can do that will get you instant traction with your app marketing is to integrate social media right into the app. If you give users a chance to share, then most likely they will share it with their followers.

  1. Start A Blog

A blog can be a powerful tool that can connect you with new customers and help you stay in contact with current customers. Use it to create content that will not only attract search engine traffic but will also draw people in. It can be a standalone site, or you can attach it to your regular site and/or microsite.

  1. Use Email Effectively

Some people think that email marketing is dying, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, honestly.  Email is an effective tool for app marketing. Some of the things that you can do include optimizing your email signature to blurb about your app, getting included into email newsletters or start your own email newsletter by creating an opt in list on your website or Facebook page.

  1. Offer a Promotional Price

If you have an app that is a pay-to-download one, then you might want to consider offering potential customers a promotional price for a limited time. For instance, you might lower the price of your app to $0.99 cents for a day. Many people will buy a low priced app on a whim, and if they like it they will most likely recommend it to their friends and family.

  1. Create a Podcast
Another great method of app marketing is to start a podcast. Do a series weekly, biweekly or monthly and post it on your website and/or iTunes. Make it funny, informative and/or interesting and cater it to the niche that your app caters to the most. You'll be surprised how a well done podcast can really boost the profile of an app.