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Announcing Pitchpigeon for Journalists

Posted by Jon Yongfook — 31 Jan 2013

Part 1 of a huge set of new features on Pitchpigeon! If you're a tech journalist or blogger, check out our new journalist-oriented page below.

Pitchpigeon for Tech Journalists

Our mission at Pitchpigeon is to help startups and app developers get covered in the media.

The first step towards that is helping them scale their efforts - startups can quickly and easily pitch to over 180 tech blogs and tech news websites using our platform.

The second step is helping them refine their pitch and tailor it towards specific journalists. We know that scale alone doesn't always achieve results. You need personalization too.

Get the story angles you want to hear

Perhaps you're a journalist interested in the personal story behind the startup. Perhaps you like to hear embarassing anecdotes about a co-founder. Perhaps you want startups to tell you the lessons they've learned, so you can share them with your readers.

If you're a tech blogger, register on the Pitchpigeon for Tech Journalists page to start receiving personalized pitches from startups, with the story angles that you want to hear.

How does this work?

Register your journalistic preferences with Pitchpigeon and the next time a startup uses our platform to send their pitch, our platform will get the startup to write you a personalized story. It's really that simple.

Startups stand a better chance of cutting through the noise by tailoring pitches to specific journalists.

Journalists get better quality press releases, with stories that they can turn into awesome content.

We believe this is a win-win for everyone :)