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Benefits Of App Store Optimization For App Promotion

Posted by Alec Swanson — 30 Aug 2015

One aspect of app promotion that is often overlooked is app store optimization, otherwise known as ASO. App store optimization if an important part of app promotion because it can feed a fair amount of organic traffic--and eventually downloads--for your mobile app. Without ASO, finding your app using the app store's search can be like trying to find a grain of sugar in a pile of salt. Almost impossible. After all, there are millions of apps out there and the number just keeps growing.

However, there is good news. It isn't all that difficult to optimize your page on the app store. You just have to pay attention to a few details. It is very much like SEO, with a few minor differences. Let's go over these details and find out exactly what's involved in getting your app store page fully optimized for search traffic.

Let's Start With On Page Optimization:

  1. App Title And Description

The first piece of the puzzle is the app title and description. You'll want to keep your title short, but you will want it to convey what your app does. It also should contain keywords that will help users find it. In essence, your title needs to be concise, contain keywords that pertain to your app and tell users what your app is about.

Now, let's move on to the description. Technically, you have a 4,000 character limit to describe your app—but that can be a bit deceiving. That's because you really only have about 255 characters. That is what user's will see on your app's profile page. If they want to see more then that, then they have to click 'more' for the extended description. Therefore, it's important these first 255 characters hook those reading it. The rest of the 4,000 words are important, but the first 255 words hook the reader. Use them effectively.

  1. The App Icon

When most marketers think of ASO they think of keywords and SEO. The one thing that they don't think about is their app icon. In fact, some marketers don't put much thought whatsoever into the icons for their apps. This is a big mistake because your app's icon can have a dramatic effect. How? Quite simply, a well-designed icon will increase downloads and may have a positive effect on ratings—which does matter for app store optimization. Refer to the Off Page Optimization section for more information.

  1. The App Category

Make sure that you play your app into the proper category. If you app fits in multiple categories, then be sure to place it in the one that is most appropriate.

  1. App Screenshot

Make sure to include screen shots of your app. Humans are visual creatures and always love to see what they are getting before they download it.

  1. Google Play Considerations

If your app is in the Google Play store, then be sure to make the following considerations. Google Play allows users to upload a YouTube video of your app in use. Be sure to use this feature.

All apps on Google Play have a Google Plus plugin. The more pluses your app receives, then the more visible it is likely to be. This can be leveraged to your advantage.

  1. Apple App Store Considerations

There are a few things you need to consider for your Apple App Store optimization and app promotion. For example, they allow you to use two categories for your app—so be sure to use both of them. Just remember however, that your primary category is the most important one and should be treated as such.

Another thing to consider is that it allows you to use keywords. Be sure to use keywords that are high quality and are not spammy. Be sure to make good use of them by being specific and try to avoid keywords that are generic.

On To Off Page Optimization

App reviews can really improve the click through rates and conversion of your app and are as such an important part of app promotion and ASO. Apps that have positive reviews tend to be downloaded more often. Therefore, it is important that your app has enough detailed and genuine reviews.

Another important of app promotion and ASO is app ratings. This is something that also has a positive effect on conversion rates. Make sure that you not only create a great app, but also have great customer service. If you do, then you will gain and maintain a high rating.

Maintaining high app reviews and ratings not only looks good in the eyes of the consumers who are going to download it, but also look very good to the bots. The more people that have your app, and the more genuine buzz around it, the more likely bots are going to rate it. 

Getting good write-ups on review sites is also beneficial to your ASO—as well as your app promotion in general. If you can get good reviews on these sites, then more than likely you will end up with good inbound links to your app store page. This will not only result in more direct visitors to your page but will also boost your search rankings—which will in turn help to grow your traffic organically.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Another thing that you need to consider is having your app on both platforms. Both as an android and iOS app. That's because at this moment these two platforms have pretty much split the mobile market. Which can be statistically significant—especially when you consider mobile app users number over a billion people. Therefore, if it's at all possible, then try to release your app on both platforms.


Follow these simple app store optimization techniques and you can rest assured that you app promotion campaign will benefit. If you want your app store page to not only attract more visitors, but also more effectively convert those visitors, then these steps will set you off in the right direction.