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Hello World

Posted by Jon Yongfook — 10 Jan 2013

Hello there! Welcome to the Pitchpigeon Blog.

The Pitchpigeon App Marketing Blog is going to be our place to share app marketing techniques and strategies with you. On the team at Pitchpigeon we have ex-ad agency folks and ex-PR agency folks so we've been through the motions of driving distribution and traction for our clients' apps many times over. We want to share those experiences with you!

For now we'd just like to give a shoutout to Hacker News for giving Pitchpigeon such a warm welcome to the internet in this thread.

Thanks everyone!

Oh and for the technically inclined, we're running this blog on Jekyll, which is being run from our rails app using the Bloggy gem. It's a really neat way to work, we love the purity of management through git and the CLI!