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How to Pitch to a Journalist

Posted by Jon Yongfook — 17 Jan 2013

Getting a response from a journalist is about pitching your app right. The right pitch to the right journalist can result in them being interested enough to follow up with more questions or write about you in their publication.

We believe the best way to learn what journalists find interesting is to ask them directly! In this ongoing series, we ask well-known tech journalists from around the world what they look for in the perfect email pitch.

Terence Lee

Editor at SGE

Terence writes about technology trends and startups in Asia. His articles have been published on Venturebeat, Yahoo!, Straits Times and Today. Engage him on LinkedIn and Twitter.


What are the top 3 qualities of a good pitch email?

  1. Visual. Include screenshots of your app in the email. Saves us the effort of having to screencap ourselves.

  2. Detailed. Include as many information about the company and the founders in your attachments. It makes our lives 10 times easier.

  3. Concise. Make sure you are concise enough to sell your company in one or two sentences in the email copy and title. It's like pitching to an investor, really.

What particular story angles do you look for or are interested by?

Drama, conflict, and adversity sells. Think of your life as a movie. How can you encourage people to pay 10 bucks to watch a movie about you? Entrepreneurs make the mistake of sounding more competent than they really are. They end up sounding fake instead.

If a startup doesn't get a response, should they follow up?

Yes. But if we continue to ignore you, it means your story isn't interesting enough, compared to what we have on our plate already.

Thank you very much to Terence Lee for his advice!
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