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How To Promote An App With An Exciting App Store Description

Posted by Alec Swanson — 05 Sep 2015

How To Promote An App With An Exciting App Store Description

If you've come here looking for another tool that will help you promote an app, then you have come to the right place. Today, I am going to show you how to properly write a description for your app store. One that will not only hook the customer but is also optimized and highly streamlined. After all, app store optimization can result in a lot of organic traffic, which in turns leads to lots of downloads.

In the highly competitive app market, you need to hook your user's attention right from the get-go. Fail to do that, and he or she will move on to the next app that catches their eye. Therefore, your copy has to not only be on point but also has to invoke emotions. If you can give your customer's information, without it being just a fact dump, and get them pumped up about your app, then that is how you promote an app. Let's find out how that is done.


Before we begin, I urge you to take a quick look at our guide on app store optimization entitled, “Benefits of App Store Optimization For App Promotion.” That guide will give you the information you need to optimize the rest of your app store page. Once you have learned those basics, then you can come back and continue on with creating an exciting app store description to promote an app.

Your App Description Should Hook Users Quickly

The first 255 characters of your description is what is known as "above the fold." That's because that is how much of the description the user can read on your Apple App Store profile page before they have to click the "more" button to see the rest of the description. Therefore, you need to try to hook them right away with something that appeals to them emotionally (hopefully in the first sentence) and then describes the value of your app. However, that doesn't mean the rest of your description- what is known as "below the fold” - should be junk. No, you just need to get to the point quickly.

Tell A Story

When writing the description, it is easy to go into marketer mode and start explaining your app as one who is out to promote an app. That is a temptation that you should avoid. Instead, you should tell a story that your customer's can identify with on an emotional and intellectual level. How do you do that, you ask? It's quite simple when you think about it. You just have to put yourself in your customer's shoes and then tell your story as a user - not the creator or marketer - of the app.

Describe The Problem Your App Solves

Every app that has had success has solved some kind of problem for the customers. Outline the problem that your app solves and tell your customers how it solves it. Now if you have an app in which the problem that it solves isn't apparent, then you might have to put some thought into it. However, every app solves some problem - even games solve the problem of boredom. Therefore, you simply need to solve it, break it down for your customer and tell them how they benefit from the experience of your app.

Outline Only Key Features

Okay, your app might be able to do half a million things. It might be the Swiss army knife of apps. However, that doesn't mean that you need to dump all of this information on your user's at one time. And there are a couple of reasons for that. One, it probably wouldn't all fit in your description and two, even if it did you don't need to turn off the user by giving them information overload. Tell the users what your app does best and focus on that point. I know you're proud of all of the features your app does, but don't worry. Users will discover them on their own - let them.

Use Recommendations

If you started your marketing campaign early (which you should have done), then you might have gotten some good press on your app in the early stages of your efforts to promote an app. If that is the case, then use it. An endorsement by a third party will really go far to add some credibility to your app - especially when there are very few reviews online.

As you app gains popularity, you can also mention any awards you've won or brag about download numbers. And if you can source some honest-to-goodness customer reviews, then include them in your description and use them to build excitement about your app.

Follow these recommendations and you will be able to get your customer's emotionally invested into your app. This will result in more customer enthusiasm and in the end, more downloads.