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Increase Your iOS App Downloads With A Better Call To Action

Posted by Jon Yongfook — 15 Jan 2013

Here's something you may have missed that Apple changed recently.

If you've ever done PPC marketing or email marketing of any kind, you'll know how important a call to action is. This is the message you give a user telling them what you want them to click in order to proceed towards your offer.

Often a call to action is simply Buy Now! with a nice big button, but variations might be Download or View More or Sign Up Now - it depends what you want your user to do, but the key is to speak in the imperative.

Until recently, this was the default App Store badge available to iOS developers:

Available on the App Store

Available on... is very passive language. As a call to action, it's not the best it could be. That's probably why recently Apple introduced a new App Store badge:

Download on the App Store

Much better. If your app has a website and you're still using the old badge, it's time to switch to the new badge with the more effective, imperative call to action.

Never be afraid to tell your users exactly what you want them to do!