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New Feature - Personalizations

Posted by Jon Yongfook — 25 Feb 2013

Things just got personal.

We've been saying that all week here at Pitchpigeon to celebrate our brand new feature - personalizations. When sending pitches to journalists there are two things that can increase your chances of getting media coverage: scale and strategy.

Scale refers to the fact that sending more pitches is better than sending few. The more you send out, the higher the chance that some get responses! (we've heard the same strategy works when asking girls out on dates...)

Strategy means that for the best results, you might need to target or tailor your messages to individual people. Up until now when you compose your pitch with Pitchpigeon, the same pitch gets sent to our list of publishers. Now with personalizations you can add a personal message for specific journalists.

Here's what it looks like:


Simply choose a publisher or journalist and write a personal message.

That message will be added at the start of your pitch!


Before sending, you can preview your pitch. Here's the general pitch that will be sent out to all other publishers...

General Pitch

...and here's the preview of my personalization...

Personalized Pitch

By using the personalizations feature you get the best of both worlds in terms of pitch delivery. You get scale and you get relevancy / strategy.

There are a number of different uses for personalizations but here's 3 ways you can use personalizations right now to make your pitches more effective!

Top 3 Uses for Personalizations

  1. Tell a publisher a story that you want to share with them personally
  2. Tell a publisher how much you enjoyed a particular article
  3. Control the amount of publishers who have certain data about your app / startup

Try out personalizations now at Pitchpigeon.

Have fun sending more effective pitches!