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Pitchpigeon Version 2.0

Posted by Jon Yongfook — 18 Mar 2013

Today we are launching Pitchpigeon 2.0 and it's a significant update to various parts of the software both on the front end and behind the scenes. Pitchpigeon 2.0 has a brand new interface and now offers even more time-saving features to manage your company's PR.

Your PR Manager in the Cloud

Pitchpigeon is now designed to be used with your business on an ongoing basis as a PR tool, just like your company uses a project manager tool or a CRM tool. We like to refer to it as your PR manager in the cloud. These days to get noticed you not only need to have a great product but you need to put in some hard work on the marketing and PR side in order to get your first users. If you build it, they will come is a myth - you need to hustle.

Our mission is to take the hard work out of hustling your PR.

With Pitchpigeon 2.0 you can:

  • Send and track press releases to over 200 tech journalists and blogs
  • Automatically gather your press clippings from the web
  • Automatically put all your info into instant press kits for distribution

Brand New Interface

New Interface

The Pitchpigeon interface has been designed from the ground-up and now allows you to organize your PR into apps (or projects). This is great for studios with more than one app or startups releasing multiple products. Each app is divided up into sections.


Pings are press releases that you send out on Pitchpigeon. Depending on the type of app you have this list ranges from around 50 to 200 relevant publishers. We don't deliver your Android app press release to any iOS publishers (and vice versa). The screenshot above shows the report you get after a Ping has been sent, showing who opened your press release and when.


Whenever your app gets mentioned in the press, Pitchpigeon collects it and adds it here. This way you keep a running record of all the press clippings your app has got, which is great to show to investors (and indeed, the press).

Media Kit

Every app now gets a media kit automatically generated. A media kit is an essential piece of communication that tells people outside your company what it does, who to contact with questions, some news about your company and what other people are saying about your company. Media kits have a public link so you can send the link to potential investors, journalists or potential partners so they always have a current snapshot of what your company does and what it has been up to lately.


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Thank you to our amazing customers who have supported Pitchpigeon and given great feedback. We now welcome new users to Version 2.0!

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