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Time Tested Methods For Mobile App Promotion

Posted by Alec Swanson — 30 Sep 2015

There are about a million different ways to market an app, so it can seem hard to figure out which ones you should use. However, that endeavor becomes a little big easy when you start looking at the history of some of the most successful apps. That is when you start to see a pattern emerging. Many of the most successful ones used some of the same techniques that I am sharing with you today. App promotion techniques that I like to think of as time tested. These are techniques that will enable you to focus your efforts and bring in predictable growth.

Create Content For Your App

The first method I would like to share with you is creating content for your app - otherwise known as content marketing. This is basically where you write content - or have someone write content for you - that is then shared with the world in one of two ways. You can use this content for articles on your own blog or on other people's blogs or you can use it on your own social media outlets. Either way, it allows you to establish yourself as a leader in the industry, drive people to your app through click-troughs and may even boost your search engine ratings. And since you are constantly engaging with your followers and audience, then you have the opportunity to convert those customers who aren't sure about your product.

Using Viral Looping or Marketing

A technique that I have always been fond of - perhaps because the name sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie - is viral looping. Of course, I'm being facetious. However, I am not being facetious about finding great opportunities with viral looping. It is one of the most effective and underrated marketing techniques ever used. It almost never fails when adequately utilized.

What exactly is viral looping? Quite simply, it is enabling your users to spread the message about your app, therefore effectively doing your marketing for you. Some of the most successful apps in history have employed this technique with great success. Basically, what you do is to build methods into your app that make it easy for your customers to share their opinion of your app to their friends and family and then make sure that you give them some sort of reward for doing so. A reward can include anything from a sneak peak at your newest app to updates for the current one. If this is done successfully, then your current customers will bring in new customers, and then these new customers will bring in even more. Resulting in, you guessed it, a viral loop.

Paying For Customers

Yes, the phrase paid acquisition is a part of doing business to most people, but to many people it is still sort of a dirty word. However, that shouldn't be the case. While we would all like to acquire customers for our app with no cost whatsoever, that is just not possible. Sure, there are free methods but those cost you time - something which has an inherent value all its own.

The fact is that paid placements across the social outlets and the search engines can bring in paying customers. There is one thing to keep in mind, however. And that's the fact that spending a larger amount of ad money over a smaller period of time will generally bring in better results than a smaller amount of money over a longer period of time. In fact, some app marketers use a technique called "bursting" to give their download numbers a big boost. This technique involves driving a large amount of customers through paid ads in a relatively short period of time. This can also give the additional benefit of making the featured list on the various app stores because of the speed at which customer download occur.

However, I do feel the need to give you a word of warning about "bursting." This marketing technique can become quite expensive. Always make sure that your customer acquisition costs is less than your customer lifetime value.

And that concludes my article on the time tested methods of mobile app promotion. If you follow these steps, then you will ensure that you will increase your chances of success in the super competitive mobile app market.