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There’s a new startup that plans to change the way addiction and recovery is approached with the use of technology.

Saturday July 15, 2017

(PITCHPIGEON.COM) San Francisco — Story:

here’s a new startup that plans to change the way addiction and recovery is approached with the use of technology.   
Based out of Los Angeles, Pelorus was started by CEO Benjamin Meyer and President Nash Harloe - two business entrepreneurs in their early 30’s whose mission is to redefine addiction treatment through the use of technology.
Meyer and Harloe met in college and both struggled with addiction for years before they went through recovery (Harloe was actually instrumental in getting Meyer to go to rehab). Both have now recovered from addiction, have remained best friends and are now business partners. They say this is rare - the rare part being that someone starting an innovative addiction treatment program has actual firsthand experience with substance abuse/addiction.  And because of that they feel their own personal experiences have given them a unique perspective and a leg up on understanding what works and what doesn’t work for treatment.

The addiction epidemic – especially as it concerns the current opioid crisis - currently affects over 20 million Americans, of who only 10% receive treatment. The majority of those that do receive treatment don’t have successful outcomes, mainly because of the lack of effective tools available to monitor treatment outcomes along with resources provided to addicts during the most crucial stage of their disease - the crucial stage being right after they are discharged from an addiction treatment facility. 
Pelorus’ proposed solution to this ongoing problem? Technology and innovative software they are creating which aims to help treatment facilities stay better connected with their alumni by extending the continuum of care at an affordable cost while providing real-time risk and engagement metrics to prevent relapse. The software they are creating enables addicts to engage in their own recovery process by tracking their progress, staying connected with their support system and working directly with their own personal recovery coach - all online. 


Pelorus is a comprehensive aftercare support tool designed specifically for alcohol and drug addiction populations. Transitioning back to life after undergoing treatment is the most crucial period in your recovery. Set the course in your recovery by tracking your progress and mood, and working with your own dedicated recovery coach.

• Set and achieve your own personalized goals in 1 of 9 categories, from recovery to career to health and wellness
• Create personalized routines to develop healthy habits and facilitate lasting behavior change
• Boost your emotional wellness and awareness by tracking your emotions, pain, cravings and sleep levels
• Chat with your recovery coach, anytime, anywhere
• Get support when you need it most with the GPS enabled SOS button
• Use GPS to check into recovery meetings our the locations of your routines
• Facilities have a dedicated dashboard for monitoring the progress of their clients and alumni, providing support when the dashboard indicates clients are at risk

Your experience is secure and private. Pelorus was developed by people in recovery, for people in recovery. We want to hear from you and how we can improve your experience. Please reach out to us at nash@pelorushealth.com with any feedback, questions or comments. Let’s set the course for success and recovery!

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