Best Performing Email Subjects January 2013 – Effectiveness Report

Posted by Jon Yongfook

15 Feb 2013

If you’re sending out emails to journalists or tech bloggers pitching your new startup, getting your email opened can be a challenge. Tech journalists are busy and are constantly being pitched new and exciting startups and apps.

At Pitchpigeon we help startups and app developers send launch emails to a list of over 200 journalists and tech blogs. We also track open rates of these emails.

Best Performing Email Subjects January 2013

Every month we will share with you the top 3 subject lines that worked the best. Although there’s a number of steps to getting your startup / app covered in the media, the email subject is the first and one of the most important steps.

“Please consider my app for review”

This email subject got a very awesome 78% open rate.

Why It Worked: We believe the no-nonsense approach is best when it comes to email subjects. Don’t try to sell the idea of opening your email. Just tell the recipient what’s inside it. Here the sender has matter-of-factly stated that the email is about an app pitch and that has paid off in a high open rate.

“New iPhone App Release”

This email subject got an impressive 71% open rate.

Why It Worked: Again, no-nonsense prevails. Notice how this and the email subject before it are quite non-specific. There’s no mention of the startup or app name which in a way encourages the recipient to open the mail to find out. This could backfire however – if a journalist receives too many emails like this they may begin to tune them out!

“A new kind of meeting app: ____”

This email subject got an excellent 68% open rate. We replaced the startup name with ____ to keep things anonymous in this report.

Why It Worked: This subject somewhat goes against the “no selling” rule, but sometimes that’s what works if you’re pitching. We think one part of this subject is crucial however: the word “new”. Journalists are looking for breaking stories so if you can indicate the newness of your startup or app in the subject, you’re off to a good start. Note that both this and the previous subject line have the word “new”.

Key Takeaway Lessons

There’s a few lessons we can learn from the above:

Keep email subjects short and to the point
Don’t sell your email contents, just tell what’s inside
Indicate newness where possible
Bonus Tip – all of the above emails were delivered at 9am. One on Monday, another on Thursday and another on Tuesday. Pitchpigeon enables you to deliver your pitch at the optimum time in a publisher’s local time zone. Whilst day of the week doesn’t make a big difference according to the above data, it seems time of day does!